Sunday, September 20, 2015

Cheering at the Reservation

Molly had the opportunity to participate in a cheer camp at the high school this week.  The grand finale of the week was getting to cheer at the first half of the Friday Night High School game! She loved every minute of it.  The cheerleaders were so sweet with the little girls, and made them feel so grown up.  It was a brilliant fundraiser for the cheerleaders.

"What do we want? TD! What's that? TOUCHDOWN!"

I will let the next two pictures speak for themselves.  I will add the small detail that our team, the Warriors, played the Braves that night. 

Beautiful night for a football game!!!  I live in a beautiful community! 

Friday, September 4, 2015

Weekend in Winston

My little sister Emily came home for the weekend from Utah, and my little sister Rachel came home from school in Virginia, so we traveled up to Winston-Salem for a quick 24 hour visit to say hello to them and the rest of my beautiful family.  I am blessed beyond measure to be part of this eternal family and I thank Heavenly Father for them each and every day.

 Although I would like to think my sisters' visits had a little something to do with us, I am pretty sure it had 100% to do with the fact that this guy lives in Winston-Salem,

And that so does this one.

I don't care though, whatever gets them here, I am simply happy to spend time with parents and sisters together!