Sunday, October 28, 2012

Alpha Acres

Last weekend we headed to Alpha Acres to enjoy the beautiful fall weather outdoors.  I love Autumn in NC.  This was our first visit to Alpha Acres Corn Maze.  They had lots of fun places for the kids to play and explore.  

The corn maze was created in the shape of a Liberty Bell.  There were 10 check points.  Each checkpoint was an answer to a question about American History found on our map. 

Andrew and Ryan LOVED the corn maze and were quite good at navigating using our map. 

Molly, on the other hand, was NOT a fan of the corn maze.  She stomped her feet, cried, pouted, yelled, and refused to move.  (She didn't really like me taking pictures of her tantrum either).

However, once her very kind daddy picked her up and carried her, she LOVED it! 

She still wasn't completely happy by the end of the maze though, and would not smile for a family photo.  So this is the best we have of all of us together. 

In addition to a corn maze, they had lots of other activities. 

There were corn cannons to shoot!  Andrew was a very good aim.  He is the only person we saw hit a target with the cannon all day...and he hit THREE!  The men working were pretty impressed. 

Another favorite was the water balloon launchers.  They were lots of fun!  Ryan enjoyed launching multiple balloons at once to see what would happen.

Molly's favorite was the cow train.  It went surprisingly fast, and the adults had just as much fun!  

The Hayride was also a fun trip.  We had a 3 legged dog who joined us on the journey.  Andrew sat with him the whole time.  

The Hayride went by this beautiful pond.

We all loved competing against each other at the duck races.  They had 5 water pumps that fed into pvc pipes.  We raced to see who could pump water the fastest and send the rubber ducks down to the bottom first.  This was another area Andrew excelled in.  He beat all of us 7 out of 10 times!  

We spent hours there, and only left because it was time for naps.  There was so much to do, and it was so much fun.  They had toys to climb on, swings, inflatable pony rides, and a little pumpkin patch.  There was even a concession stand that had $1 hot dogs and popcorn. We will definitely go back again!



Andrew's African Play

Each year at Andrew's school, they do a performance that is part of a multidisciplinary unit of study.  This year they are studying Africa.  They learned African dancing, African drumming, studied African Art, and the literature of several African writers.  Our school had a guest writer, Tololwa Mollel from Tanzania  share stories he heard as a child.  These were adapted for the stage.  They have studied African geography, African animals, and the water shortages in Africa.  I love how connected the learning at our school is for our children.  

Friday night was the culmination of an entire trimester of integrated study.  The play that Andrew's class performed was called "Grow, Grow, Grow!"  Andrew had the only male speaking role in his class this year.  He did a great job!  He played a selfish, spoiled, brat,  the son of a rich woman.  Andrew loves to perform on stage. 

Chad has videotaped the play, and we will try to figure out how to capture some shots and how to share it here later. 

Last Ball Game of the Season

Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Japanese Hideout

While Chad and I worked inside the house on our bathroom remodel on Saturday, the children decided on their own that they wanted to build a fort outside.  They took one of our empty boxes, planned, painted, and created their own Japanese themed hideout.  No, I am not sure why the Japanese theme, but they painted a flag, ninjas, dragons, and their own interpretation of Japanese writing. They spent the majority of the day working on their project, with very little input from us.  My one suggestion was to NOT paint the inside of the box if they hoped to play in it immediately.   They ate lunch, read stories, and blissfully stayed outdoors for hours while we got a lot accomplished inside!  I will hopefully have pics of it next weekend!

Dixie Classic Fair 2012

Molly loved riding this roller coaster with her Nana!

 Ryan loved driving the bumper cars.

 Can't you tell? 

 So did Aunt Rachel!

 And Papa!

 When Ryan, Molly, and Chad went into the fun house, Andrew and Rachel hid outside to surprise them when they came out!

Really wishing we had purchased this fun hat! 

 Or this one. 

 Or maybe this one?

 Andrew's favorite ride is the swings.  He is so happy to be tall enough to ride!

Molly's favorite are the horsies.

Though she is quite fond on the miniature swings, too!

Ryan loved the tornado!  (And Daddy loves Ryan, so he rode it with him.  A week later and his wrist still feels it)!