Sunday, November 28, 2010

90th Birthday Party

My Nanie Julia celebrated her 90th birthday on Thanksgiving Day!  We had a lovely time honoring her at a special party with family at my cousin's beautiful home.

Nanie is a remarkable woman.  She is a survivor, and a beautiful example of strength.  She is the mother of 7 children, grandmother of 18, and great grandmother of 23 (and counting).  She is a lover of clothes, shoes, and Elvis.  She still lives in her own home and drives a car.  She attends church and her missionary meetings.  She reads her bible, daily.  She even has a special "friend."  I am so grateful that she is healthy and that she is part of my children's lives.  

At her party, we feasted (it was Thanksgiving, after all),  ate cake, and played a version of "This is Your Life."  Friends and family wrote in stories about her.  We took turns reading the memories, and she tried to guess who wrote each one.   And of course, we DANCED!  If you have never seen a 90 year old woman doing the Twist, make sure to watch the short video! It was such a fun and happy day, as we enjoyed honoring the life of this woman who loves and is loved by so many.

***My cousin took pictures of the birthday girl and individual families with her fantastic camera.  I am sure they are much better than mine, so  I will share those too, when I get them.

Thanks and Giving Tree 2010

Each November, our family creates a Thanks and Giving Tree in our kitchen.   After dinner each night, we write down one thing we are thankful for on a paper leaf.  On the opposite side of the leaf, we write down one good deed we did that day.  We display the side with our gratitude and hide our good works.

Here are our boys' lists for 2010 written in random order. (Molly was a little too young to tell us what she was grateful for, and Chad and I don't think anyone really cares too much about ours.  But please know, if you are reading this, you are one of the people we are grateful for).

Playing at the park
Cousins (2 times)
My kitty toy
My toys
These Leaves
Macaroni and Cheese
My toy superman
Clifford Books
peanut butter
Our Baby Sister

My family
My school
My Karate Gi
Cool Babysitters
Dad's video games
My mommy
Heavenly Father
Jesus Christ
The Holy Ghost
Aunts and Uncles
My brother
Winter and cold stuff
Fruits and Vegetables
My WHOLE family(He said there were too many to list). 

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Molly's 18th Month

Molly was a busy little girl during her 18th month.  She learned to talk, loves to be a helper, sings, follows simple directions, folds her arms during prayer, and climbs into the bathroom sinks.   She has never met an obstacle she couldn't climb.  At the beginning of the month, Molly was saying about 7 words fairly clearly.  By the end she was up to 38 and counting.  Complete language explosion.  She loves dolls and is quite the little nurturer.  Her brother was feeling sick this week and she kept stroking his head and giving him kisses and saying, "Bubba."  She loves all things pink and princess.  Besides a language explosion, she has also had a growth explosion!  She went from 4 teeth to 10, and is now also cutting molars.  Her hair grew longer.  She went from comfortably wearing 6-12 month clothes to wearing 12-18 month clothes with little to no room to spare in height.  (completely skipped 12 month sizes).   That being said, she was in the 7th percentile for height (21 inches), 5th for weight (19 pounds), and 50th for head at her appointment.   The doctor predicts she will be about 5 foot 3 as an adult.  She also said Molly had a little bit of torsion in her right foot which should correct itself. 

***Molly's words (give or take a few) at the end of 18 months.
Bird, cat, dog, that, ball, bubbles, tank-you, Da-da, Bubba, hi, uh-oh, bath, down, baby, woof, quack, please, Puh-Boo(peek a boo), car, Shh, Shh, Shh (Wheels on the Bus), Nana, Papa, thirsty, book, more, yeah, shoe, wa-wa (water), cheese, Jesus, temple, this, hot, pancake, wafa (waffle), and MAMA!

(My friend, Courtney, took these awesome pics of Molly).

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Army or War Person

My mom and dad came up to visit us on Veterans Day and came to Andrew's class as surprise guests.  (Andrew had no idea and was so excited.  His jaw dropped open when they walked in).  They ate lunch with him first.

After lunch my dad read the class a book I had written a couple of years ago about my dad's service in the military, and shared a few fun facts. He also patiently listened to tons of stories from the children in Andrew's class about the every branch of the military, hunting deer, and family dramas which included a little TMI.

At the end of the visit he gave each of the children a flag to take home and they all held their flags and said the Pledge of Allegiance. (Thank you so much for visiting our school!  It was so much fun)!

The teacher posts a question of the day each morning for the children to answer.  On Veterans Day she posted the following question.

Andrew filled out both sides of his card.  On the first he wrote, "My Papa is in the Army." and drew a picture of my dad in camo with a gun.

This is his second side of the card that he wrote.

Translated: "My cousin is in Karate." -Andrew  (Therefore making him a "war" person, he explained to the class).   I LOVE LOVE LOVE how he spelled "Cor-o-TAY!"

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wonder of Wonders, Miracle of Miracles...

After 18 and one half months, Molly has finally started to call me "Mama."   She woke up singing my name this morning and hasn't stopped!  Such a sweet sound.  She learned to say Daddy, Brother, Andrew, Papa, bird, dog, woof, cat, ball, bubbles, shoes, quack, thank you, hi, and peek a boo before my name.  But she has finally said it more than once in a day...and I have proof in case it never happens again!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Hungry Girl

Molly decided she was starving when we got home from church today.  Because of daylight savings time, it felt like 1pm, not 12pm.  She crawled into the fridge, pulled out the bag of clementines, and took a big bite.  She was not deterred and took a second.  I think she would have peeled the whole thing with her teeth had we let her, but I was terrified she would ruin her dress. 

Fall Fun with Friends

Our neighbors, Ian and Alanah, hosted a joint birthday carnival this weekend.  The kids had so much fun!