Sunday, June 13, 2010

Class of 2010

My baby sister graduated from high school this week. We were able to be there for the best (if best=shortest) graduation EVER. Seriously, it was only 45 minutes long!!!! Amazing! Rachel is senior class secretary, so she got to sit on the stage AND she introduced the Salutatorian. So proud of her. She is off to SVU in the Fall.

We love you Rachel!

Rachel with the soon to be empty nesters.

The official cameraman made it into at least one pic. :)

Rachel's not only the baby in our family...she is also the youngest grandchild! This was Nanie's last grandkid (and the last of the nieces and nephews) to graduate.

Rachel's college survival kit from Emily and me and my fam.

Emily made these super cute (and delicious) graduation cupcakes.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Family Reunion in Fries, Virginia

The first weekend in June is Decoration (similar to a family reunion) for my dad's family in Fries, Virginia. (pronounced FREEZE) I haven't been since I was a very little girl. It was so nice to be able to bring my little ones to meet their Great-Great Aunts and Uncles. It was held on the banks of the New River. It was such a beautiful day. We were not able to make it to the graveyard for the actual "Decoration" due to a special church meeting we had in the morning, but we did make it in time for lunch. We ate way too much yummy food and had a great time catching up with family. Everyone made us feel so welcome.

My grandmother is first on the left.
She is pictured here with some of my great aunts and great uncles.
She is lucky enough to be from a very large family.
Have I mentioned before how much I love large families!?!?!?

After eating and talking and more eating, we headed outside to play. Ryan was so excited to climb up this slide, but got a little nervous when he reached the top.

Andrew was very excited about climbing this jungle gym,
but also got a little nervous when he reached the top.

So we headed down to the river to throw rocks.

We couldn't find any rocks to skip, so we threw sticks instead.

Molly enjoyed the day, too. She ate an entire chicken breast and
more banana pudding than I am willing to tell you. She threw quite the tantrum when she saw that Chad's plate was empty. I think she is getting a little spoiled.

I know this is a very awkward crop, but I don't like the way I look in this picture, so I cut me out. However, I think MOLLY looks just like a baby picture of me here, so I had to share it with my mom to see if she (or anyone else who knew me when I was one) thinks this looks like me.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Myrtle Beach May 2010

We made a very spontaneous decision to go on a family trip to Myrtle Beach for a long weekend to celebrate Memorial Day and our 13th wedding anniversary. We got a great last minute deal at a hotel that we loved, right on the beach. Nana, Papa, Emily, and Rachel decided to be spontaneous and join us, too!

My parents watched the kiddos one night so we could go out to dinner for our anniversary. They are awesome! Thanks, Mom and Dad! We went to a great restaurant right on the beach called Sea Captain's House. We waited outside for our table and another patron took these pics for us with our camera.

We had a great time playing on the beach with the kids.

Yes, she is drinking it!

We went to a War Memorial Park while we were there . The boys loved looking at the jets.

We had such a fun time at the pools and hot tubs at the hotel. There were these awesome water slides that were completely dark inside. The boys loved them!

How can you go to the beach without an evening of mini golf?
and of cream!

Quoting Yoda

It is no big secret that Andrew is not the tallest 5 year old around. He is not even average height. It doesn't really stop him from doing whatever he wants, so it rarely bothers him. Except when he comes in contact with new kids his age. Conversations between 5 year boys usually start something like this.

Random 5 year old boy: How old are you? I am 5.

Andrew: Me too. I am 5, too.

R5YOB: No you aren't. I am bigger than you. Hey Mommy. I am taller and I am 5. That kid's little.

Andrew: Do you want to play?

This is the same conversation we have at the library, park, museums. Wherever we run into other kids. It is crazy how the conversation in almost verbatim every time.

When we were at the farm, there were several kindergarten classes there. Some of the boys were climbing trees. Andrew thought it looked like fun. I was nursing Molly, but Andrew went over and joined the boys by himself. He came back several minutes later.

Andrew: Mommy, those boys said I was too little to climb the trees, but I told them "SIZE MATTERS NOT." (in Andrew's imitation of Yoda's voice). I had to tell them 3 TIMES before they listened to me. Then my friends finally gave me a turn and let me climb the tree.

Poor r5 YOboys, I am sure they weren't persuaded that Andrew was not a baby when he was speaking in incomplete sentences in a scary old man voice. But climb the tree he did, so they couldn't really say anything else after that.

Ramblings about Molly at 13 months

Molly has grown up so much these past few weeks. She has turned into quite the independent and opinionated young lady. She is still not walking, but that really doesn't stop her from getting what she wants. She still isn't really talking, but again, doesn't really stop her from getting what she wants. She cut her first tooth yesterday, at 13.5 months.

She has enough hair to put in a little tiny ponytail, but we don't do that too often.

And....she finally said, Mama. Only once, two weeks ago, and not since. But she said it. In front of witnesses. At the top of a slide. Her favorite word besides Dada these days is Bubba. She calls for her brothers as much as she calls Dada. And now RYAN has started calling Molly, Bubba. And she is responding. I am hoping this is a nickname that doesn't stick. I have a lovely Aunt Beverley who was called BUTCH most of my life. I was probably 8 before I knew that was not her name.

On the same day Molly said Mama, we were at the park. She climbed up the ladders, through the tunnel, up a staircase, and found a group of big kids (her brother and his friends) blocking the way. She clearly explained in her own little language that they needed to move, and they did! She slid down the long twisty slide all by herself! (with a friend at the bottom to catch her).

Molly saw some caramel popcorn on the counter. She found a chair, pushed it over, climbed up, and retrieved her prize. She was so pleased with herself.

On our beach trip, she kept climbing out of her high chair on to the table.

I haven't had a climber before. So I am looking forward to baby proofing in a whole new way.